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Why St. Louis Dog School

Our Methods

We keep our methods simple.

Every dog is different, so we do not have cookie cutter programs. This is why you do not see prices on our website. Not every dog is the same, so not every training is the same. We will customize the program to your goals and the dogs behavior.

Within our obedience program, we go ...

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Our Core Values

The Standards We Live By

At St. Louis Dog School, we aren't your average dog training company. We aren't here to earn a quick buck. We aren't here to cycle more and more dogs through a program. We are here to build a community, a family. We are starting with three simple core values to live by. 

1. Have integrity...

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9 Reviews

FYI - I have never made a "post" before however felt compelled to do so as I wanted any and all interested to know a bit about St. Louis Dog School. It ...Read more

Jul 18, 2022
michael eichhorn


Kathy P. (St Louis)

Tyler was very helpful, he had patience with me and Bandit. He was always on time. He was very professional and helpful. He showed ...

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