Our Core Values

The Standards We Live By

At St. Louis Dog School, we aren't your average dog training company. We aren't here to earn a quick buck. We aren't here to cycle more and more dogs through a program. We are here to build a community, a family. We are starting with three simple core values to live by. 

1. Have integrity

This means to always do the right thing, take responsibility, and lead by example.

When you work with St. Louis Dog School you know that our trainers are always looking to do the right thing. Whether that be the way we train the dogs, our interactions with clients, or picking up trash as we walk through a park. We believe in always doing the right thing and setting the example for others to see. 

2. Build fun and positive relationships

This is dog training, it is meant to be fun! We are building lifetime relationships with our employees, clients, and their families!

As our company grows, we want everyone to grow with us. For employees, they will have opportunities to grow and better lives. For our clients, they will be able to grow their knowledge and reach within the community. Which leads me to...

3. Believe

Believe in the big picture. Believe in the process. Fight for what is right!

Though we were established in 2022, we are working towards a better future for our local communities. We are bringing our communities close again. We will be active in helping our veterans. We will be active in helping those who need us and giving back. We will stand up for those who feel small, and give them a way to be heard. 


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