Our Methods

We keep our methods simple.

Every dog is different, so we do not have cookie cutter programs. This is why you do not see prices on our website. Not every dog is the same, so not every training is the same. We will customize the program to your goals and the dogs behavior.

Within our obedience program, we go through 3 phases of training. First phase is the conditioning phase. At the heart of this phase is positive reinforcement such as treats, toys, or love and affection. No dog is the same. Some dogs will work harder for food, some will work harder for affection. Whichever we see working, is what we will use. We will also pair the positive reinforcement with a remote collar.

During this phase, the dogs will feel a very low level of stimulation from the collar and be rewarded for completing the task given to them, i.e. the command.

After the conditioning phase is the intermittent phase. The dogs learn to respond with or without stimulus and also with or without treats or toys.

The final phase is the maintenance phase. This is where we continue to maintain the dog's knowledge and level of obedience.

Through this process, the Professors at St. Louis Dog School will be doing a lot of the teaching to your dog, and you as the owner will continue to do homework to make sure the dogs keep the standards we have set.

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