Full School Year

Full School Year

Full School Year

The Full School Year is for those who want to get their dog to the best that they can be!

We will spend an entire year with 1 on 1 sessions to teach your dog a lot of things.

From basic obedience, off leash reliability, tricks, public access, ect. 

The sky is the limit in this package! 

Here is a list of commands we can work on! 

Come (comes to you)


Place (goes to their dog bed)

Heel (walk next to you in a loose leash)


Off (short of "knock it off)

Quiet (stop any excessive barking)

Kennel (go to their crate)

Load up (get in the car)


Center (lay between your legs)

Go potty (go to the bathroom)

Sit Pretty (sit back on hind legs with front paws in the air)

Play dead

Roll over

Down/sit in motion ( lay down or sit on command while they are walking or running)

Look (looks at you)

Speak (bark on command)

Walk backwards

Weave between legs

Spin left 

Spin right 

Scent training 

Muzzle conditioning

Confidence Building


Behavior Modification

Financing options are available for those who qualify.

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