Dog School Program

The Dog School Program is our flagship program. 
This takes a lot of time and effort off of your plate.
But the best part..... You don't have to spend weeks away from your beloved pup!

This program gives us, the trainers, the ability to focus on your dog each school day and making sure they are understanding what we need from them. 

We only take a few dogs per trainer each month to make sure we can give them the quality training and attention they need. 

Your dog will learn how to have good manners and how to respond to commands on and off leash. 

*Prerequisite for all training programs.
- Behavior Analysis
- Mandatory Peace
- Boundaries
- Clear, Concise Communication 
- Create Custom Training Plan
- Invite to Annual Charity Event
- Private Training
- At Facility
- Invite to Annual Charity Event
- Private Training
- At Facility/ Local Park
- 6 Guaranteed In-Person Sessions
- Unlimited In-Person Sessions
- Unlimited Virtual Sessions
- 1 Month free Group Classes
- Invite to Annual Charity Event

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Foundations Session

For aggressive, highly reactivity, or highly anxious dogs there may be additional fees. This could be up to $1,500 for liability, more time for training needs, and the additional risk of taking on these cases.
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