Home School Program

The Home School Program is our version of a "Do It Yourself" program. 

We'll still get hands on with you to teach you everything you need to know, but we give you the knowledge and you have to implement it yourself.

As the owner, it really is best that YOU are the one to train your dog. 
Training is a great way to build a bond with your dog and a way for you guys to learn to trust each other.  

Through our teachings, we will show you how to teach your dog good manners and how to respond to a handful of commands with the goal of having them listen off leash.

Here are the commands you'll learn:

Place: go to your dog bed and relax
Down: Lay down, chest and butt all the way down
Come: Come be next to me
Sit: Butt on the ground, chest up high
Heel: Walk next to me
Off: Knock it off. Used for when we want the dog to stop a behavior
With these commands, plus a couple other resources, we will:

Build Trust with your Dog
Come When Called
Listen to you in Public
Go to their Bed when told
Walk Next to You
Comfortable in a Crate
Create Boundaries in the Home
Wait at the Doors
Calm Anxiety
Learn Impulse Control

Stop Running Away
Stop Jumping Up
Stop Biting and Nipping
Stop Chasing Animals
Stop Chewing
Stop Digging
Stop Barking
Stop Yanking on the Leash

So, what's the break down of this program?

- 2 Private Training Sessions ($415 Value)
- A Training Logbook ($29 Value)
- Mandatory Peace: From Crazy to Chill E-book and Videos ($49 Value)
- 45 day Training Calendar ($77 Value)
- Invited to our Facebook Community to learn more and connect with other dog owners in the community ($375 Value)

If we charged individually for everything, you'd pay:

BUT! We are making you a special offer here!

The next 8 dogs will pay ONLY


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