Our Training Approach

First and foremost, we are very direct with you as the owner. We are here to help you and help you build the relationship with your dog that you are looking for. 
We will point out where you are messing up, the small things that are causing problem, and get you on the right path for you and your dog. 

When it comes to training dogs, we come with a balanced method. 
We give tons and tons of reward and praise when the dog is doing the right thing and the behaviors that we want, but we will also give an appropriate correction when your dog is acting out, or doing things we do not want them to do. 

Keeping it as simple as possible, there are three ways in which a dog learns:
1. Rewards for the good stuff
2. Lots and lots of repetition of that desired behavior
3. Corrections a.k.a. Accountability

We teach and show the dogs how to do certain commands by using different types of pressure, whether it be leash pressure, spacial pressure, or e-collar pressure. Through this process the dog learns how to "turn off" these pressure by doing the command we told them to do. Once the pressure gets turned off, we use rewards to show them what they did was the right thing. 
Then we do this over and over and over, in different places and in different scenarios. 

Once they know what is expected of them and are responding to the commands quickly, we hold them accountable if they make the decision to do something different. 

For example, we have been practicing the "Sit" commands and have gotten lots and lots of reps in. Now, for whatever reason, the dog decides to say "naahhh I'm going to go over here and smell these flowers." At this point, we give an appropriate, but firm, leash pop and guide them to the position we wanted. 

Our ultimate goal is for you to have a dog that is cool, calm, and collected in any situation that fits your lifestyle. 

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